How Much is The Cost of Mowing of A Lawn?

Most of the people enjoy a well maintained lawn while others are disinterested in maintaining a lawn all because of the costs that it bears. The concerns regarding the cost of the lawn maintenance care can be ignored by hiring a professional lawn service to maintain the health and greenery of your lawn at low costs.

This also proves that you no longer need to handle the drudgery of the lawn work or worry about the maintenance costs and the failure of the equipment. Rather, you can carve out extra family and friends’ time and enjoy your pool time with drinks in your hand.

The owner of renowned Hayes Outdoor Maintenance of North Salem, Indiana and another the owner of famous  Lawn and Order of Raleigh, North Carolina provide their suggestions and opinions regarding the professional  service regarding lawn care.

How and What Lawn Care Services are Included in Your Range of Prices?


The average cost of lawn care maintenance is approximately $60 per service.  This service includes edging, blowing up the sidewalks, driveway, mowing, porches, weed eating and the Roundup. The Roundup application has extra charges of $6. Generally, the services are combined in a service.


The average cost of lawn care per yard is approximately $40 which includes the trimming, removal of limbs, mowing, blowing of clippings of grass from the drives, walks, patios and curbs, and debris from the lawn section.

What Happens When Damage Occurs to The Trees and Plants or to The System of Irrigation?


We give efforts in replacing the costs if any damage is caused by us.


We will repair and fix any damage ourselves or will offer to pay to make the repairs if any damage anything associated with the plants, windows,   fencing, and irrigation during providing any kind of service to the property.

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What is The Frequency of Mowing a Lawn and Do You Maintain Any Fixed Schedule?


It is completely based on season of the year. For example, during the spring time, approximately all our accounts are  very much weekly in nature  and  people who require mid-summer  get back at an interval of two weeks in order to save money. Our efforts are always about maintaining a schedule.


We opt for weekly cutting; however, our services vary according to the requests and wish of the clients and property owners.  The property are cut and maintained the same day and mostly the same time every consecutive week. This happens unless the schedule is coordinated according to the changing weather.

Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Service Versus DIY Lawn Care:

The maintenance of the lawn care by an individual is a very expensive task. Apart from the initial expenditures used in the buying of a lawn mower, the other costs would include tuning up the lawn mower and buying gas that costs around $30 if anyone does the tasks by himself.

Based on the pricing by Bailey and Hayes, you can expect to pay a fair amount to have your lawn maintained every month. The benefits that come from the extra time in the weekend are priceless as you will not need to take the headache of handling the hectic tasks of lawn care.