How to Make Your Outdoor Garden Planters Healthy and Beautiful?

Outdoor garden planters are a great method of practicing micro gardening. Working with outdoor garden planters requires a certain amount of caution and care.

Unlike open gardens, potted plants need specialized attention and by keeping a few pro tips and some of our planting suggestions in mind, you can grow beautiful plants and flowers that will last well the entire season.

What Should Be The Ideal Planting Medium?

Outdoor garden planters are big and therefore we recommend that instead of filling them completely with the potting soil, some light material should be used as a lining before filling the planter with the potting soil.

This achieves two purposes:

  • You can save money when actually the planter does not require that much potting soil.
  • It contributes towards making the planter light in weight.

Empty soda bottles are a good idea for this purpose. You may use a plastic sheet to separate this light material from the soil.

We also recommend that you Do Not Resort To Using Gravel Pieces in the lining of the planter. Contrary to the popular fad, it does nothing to improve the drainage of the pot. In fact, use more soil, if you feel the need to.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Plant for the Season?

large garden planters

Apart from the factor of the plant being in its season, other key factors should also be borne in mind. Choosing the appropriate plant for potting largely depends on the size of the outdoor planters. So a small plant in a large pot will not be visible enough and a large plant in a small planter will not grow properly.

Assuming your outdoor planter is of the standard size, getting bigger plants like banana, palms, cannas, etc is a good option. Similarly, bigger perennial shrubs are good for the winter also, thereby giving you a well used planter all throughout the year.

If you have multiple planters at your disposal, a mix and match of These Plants can also be used.

How to Use Fertilizers and Growth Promoting Agents?

Potting soil is the best bet for planters. Using ordinary soil does not provide the potted plants with the same vermiculite and aeration and drainage value as that of potting soil. However, do not opt for peat-based potting soils, because they tend to decompose very easily and in that process, bring Major Harm to your plant.

If you have bought customized potting soil, then you already have a good amount of fertilizer already mixed in.

But we recommend that you opt for potting soils without fertilizers and instead opt for organic fertilizing options which ensure a slow release of growth promoting agents into the soil. Make sure that you mix in the fertilizer very well into the soil. This can be particularly challenging if you are dealing with a large planter.

How to Make Your Plant Look Beautiful and Well Kempt?

Regular upkeep of the plant is crucial for its life as well as its looks. Ensure that you keep removing dead flowers. This not only keeps the planter clean and neat but also promotes further blooming for some plants. Therefore deadheading can actually help the plant to bloom more.

Secondly, keep pruning your plant so that it gives a luscious green look, and keeps it in good shape, rather than look haphazard with branches sticking out. If it is the growing season, ensure that you add extra fertilizer. Also, Efficient Watering of the plant is absolutely crucial.

Still worried about how you can go about it? Take a look at this YouTue video:

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How to Use Garden Planters Effectively For Landscaping?

It is wise to invest in a good large planter because it can be used as the centerpiece of your gardening space. There are innumerable options online which, though a little pricey, make up for it in design and aesthetic value. That being said, huge clay pots with Enamel Painting are good enough too.

But these pots need to be well maintained and excessive soil packing and unprecedented growth of the plant may compromise the strength of these pots.

Pricey planters, however have a definite longevity for themselves and therefore are a better investment. We also recommend trying out these Self Watering Pots which are efficient and have an amazing sleek look.

Outdoor garden planters are a great source of joy and add to the aesthetic value of the surroundings. With these pro tips, we hope you will add immensely to this joy of gardening and obtain results better than ever before.