How to Get an Organized, Beautiful Lush Green Garden without Chemicals?

Nothing can set your home and garden off like a beautiful lush green home. It is a living part of your home that builds up the shrubs; trees and flowerbeds borders appear at their form best. Having a lawn is the ideal part of your home for outdoor entertaining and recreation.

Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is drawn in by the plants and the trees while oxygen is given off to the atmosphere. Having a lush green lawn helps in maintaining the temperature of the air inside the compound of the house. However, as they say, you have to pay the price for what you want to get.

Every year the homeowners in most of the Western countries invest on approximately 3 million tons of synthetic garden fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. These chemicals prove to be a serious threat to the health of the children, pets and living beings of all kinds.

To add up to the concern, according to the research 70 percent of the chemicals run off to the rivers, lakes including the underground aquifers. It is becoming very much difficult and expensive to encourage using a chemical and having a lawn that would be water addicted.

Most of the families take the help of the natural lawn care services to maintain their lawns. These services help in converting your spoiled lawn into a natural Lawn that would be very low in maintenance.

How The Natural Lawn Care Services Help in Maintaining Your Lawn?

Choosing the Right Kind of Grass

One of the major steps that the natural lawn care services do is to choose the right kind of grass for your lawn.  The service provider selects the right kind of grass by considering the following:


Most of the varieties of grass will not be able to stand the extreme heat or cold weather. Thus, the service providers consider the variety of grass that is able to resist the extreme of weather.

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Lawn Traffic:

Most of the varieties of the grass can resist more foot traffic than other varieties. The coarse textured variety of grasses selected by the service provider for the lawn with more foot traffic.

Availability of Shade or Sun:

Most of the varieties of grasses need a good amount of sunshine to maintain the greenery and lush texture. Thus, the service providers are well acquainted with the varieties of grasses that are well suited to your climate.

Improve The Quality Of Your Soil:

A lawn that is chemically nurtured gas a very shallow system of root as it receives most of its nutrients and water from the top layer. The service provider is aware of the fact that in order to make your lawn naturally healthy, it has to work on the soil quality. The service providers make soil tests and then do the necessary alteration that is required to correct the soil quality.

The service provider also takes care of the proper mowing, measures for controlling weeds and proper watering of the lawn and provides you with further suggestions regarding maintenance of your lawn.