The Benefits of Gardening in a Raised Bed Frame You Need To Try

When you want a garden at your home, then you may already have a very clear mental picture of how this space is going to look. If you have never before gardened in a raised bed frame, then you probably don’t know all of the benefits that you can enjoy with this type of gardening.

While raised frames may not be what you first think of when you imagine a garden, they offer a lot of benefits. We did the research for you and found that any gardener can benefit from using a raised frame.

Why Are They a Great Option for Every Gardener?

The experts at Savvy Gardening claim that a raised frame is a great option for anyone who wants to garden, and they are right. Not only can you built your new frames to be any size that you want them to be, meaning that they are easy to customize to your space and your needs.

But because you can use a number of different materials when making them, you aren’t tied by any one particular design. We love this because it meant that we could use leftover materials that we had at home without having to go to the store.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the soil quality where you are going to put your garden, as you will have complete control over the quality of soil in your bed, making it possible to garden even in locations where you otherwise wouldn’t be able to till.

Areas with rocky soil or near large trees generally aren’t conducive to gardening, but with a raised bed, it now is possible to garden in these locations.

Help with Accessibility

One of the main benefits of using raised beds in your garden is that your garden will suddenly become accessible to anyone who wants to help plant, weed killer, and harvest.

raised bed frame

We found that raised beds are significantly easier to work in if you have knee problems or back pain that prevents you from bending over the ground or kneeling in the dirt. Additionally, because you can design your raised bed yourself, if you want to add in a bench to the edge, you can.

Because it is easy to customize your raised bed to meet your needs, you can make the garden as high off of the ground as you want. This makes it very easy to access your plants.

Although you do have to remember that it will cost more in dirt as you need to make sure that you fill your bed completely for the best results.

What to do About Soil?

At BHG they address one major benefit that you’ll love with a raised bed, and that is that you have complete control over the quality of your soil.

It can be very difficult to improve soil in your garden without long hours of tilling and adding minerals and nutrients to the ground. With a raised bed you simply need to add quality soil from the beginning, and you can start growing.

If you need to improve your soil, then it is easy to add minerals and nutrients and to turn over your soil with a shovel to mix them in.

Improve Your Drainage

One reason that many people install raised beds in their gardens is to help combat water problems. As the professionals over at Sharpen Your Spades found out, raised beds are a wonderful way to deal with drainage problems.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, then you will likely struggle to have a garden since the water will easily and quickly drowns your plants and wash away any fertilizer, hay, or seeds that you have.

Rather than giving up on your garden altogether, with a raised bed you can improve the drainage in your garden so that you don’t have to worry about your plants drowning.

Even raising the beds just a few inches off of the surface of the ground can have a major impact on how well your plants grow and improve the drainage of your soil.

Raised garden beds are a wonderful way to improve your garden and make sure that you get the most out of your growing season. No matter where you live, you can use a raised bed to improve your soil quality and drainage and extend your growing season.