What Factors Should You Consider Before Retaining Landscape Design Services?

Landscaping makes a substantial impact when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your business or house. It’s also a very integrated project amongst people trying to live a healthier lifestyle by engaging in garden work.

However, making a well-balanced landscape can be complex, as it requires extensive skills and experience. Landscape design services professionals can help you make your landscaping successful. But, everyone should be cautious because not all landscaping service providers are idyllic.

Thus, if you are considering retaining the services, you should ask the following questions: Expertise, credentials, and insurance are imperatively beneficial in landscaping

Can You Provide Your Past Work?

You should consider the designer’s portfolio from American Society of Landscape Architects with regards to the garden you desire. For instance, if you want a modern-city, clean-lined landscape, ask if the specialists have designed any before. You can also check if they have plants knowledge to deliver a cottage-style garden if that is your dream landscape.

What Are Your Credentials?

If the portfolio of the designer does not include the specific style that you’re looking for, you should inquire about his or her credentials for substantiation of training. Degrees from recognized landscape design colleges are an ideal indicator of professionalism.

Are you certified by the Association of professional landscape designers?

The Association of Profesional Landsacape Designers provide the only certification for landscape design in the US. But, only 20% of the APLD members have the certification, and thus it is crucial to confirm if your prospective professionals have been certified.

Do you have Liability Insurance?

According to the Gwinnett Daily Post, the landscaping professional should at least have enough insurance to cover the cost of your home. While this might seem extreme, it’s important to bear in mind that the work can result in pricey mistakes such as a tree falling on your home or cutting of a gas line.

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Can You Provide A Plan for The Project, Teams Involved, and A Timeframe?

What is your working process?

Before contracting landscape design services, it’s necessary to take into consideration the working process. That can include the discovery phase where you discuss your ideas and budget as well as a design phase where the site is plotted.

Do you subcontract?

Depending on your landscaping job, you need to ask the prospective service providers if they subcontract smaller companies. Subcontractors can perform specialized work, but it is recommendable to inquire about them to ensure that you are receiving quality services.

Can you provide a time for the project?

Angel’s List recommends that while working with any design professionals, there should be an outline of the timeline for the design and landscaping. This ought to fit with all your requirements and should be verified before signing any papers.

What Services Are Available and Are They Warranted?

What services do you offer?

It is essential to find out the services that a landscape designer offers to ensure that he or she is the right person for your project. Typically, Landscape Designing falls under three categories:

  • Design only – This basically entails a site analysis, preliminary design, revisions depending on your feedback, and a final master plan for your garden.
  • Design and build – This involves designing as well as supervising plant purchase and installations.
  • Full services – For the utmost touch service, some landscape designers will offer design-build and maintenance program.

Is your work guaranteed?

It’s vital to ask about warranties for landscaping work and any alternative warranties provided for the Hardscaping and construction in the garden design. Reputable landscapers will stand by the work 100% and will return to the site to resolve any issue that might arise.

You Should Consider The Costs and Ways That You Can Cut on The Expenses.

What is the estimated cost?

Clear communication about your budget and the estimated cost of the project is essential. You should ask the designer for a range of cost for designing and installing. According to the APLD, the estimates are drawn depending on the cost per square foot of the areas installed. Also, it is important to be clear on whether the designer can charge extra fees in case there are changes in design plans or installation.

Are there any ways to reduce cost?

Usually, pathways, retaining walls, patios, and decks are typically more expensive than planted gardens. But, it’s ideal to have a conversation with the professional about ways to reduce the cost of the landscape so that you can stay on budget.

Getting Help.

Landscaping projects come in various shapes and sizes from small garden plots to well-groomed acreage. Thus, finding the ideal landscaping service providers isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario.