How to Build a Backyard Bench with New Backyard DIY Projects?

Why depend on the carpenters to make renovate your backyard? When you can simply go outside and get your stuff done on the garden structures that give gorgeous view and comfort for all season. Right from building a fire pit to building a Backyard bench, brainstorming for backyard diy projects would open you to various ideas.

How Can You Customize Your Outdoor Bench?

You can easily arrange a couple of chairs in the backyard for an organized sitting area. However, a cedar bench that is handmade can be framed by an Backyard which would give more of a permanent place to hop on as the heat rises. This would add an elegant touch to your architectural features all around you in your backyard.

The designs incorporate the conventional touches like the wide and narrow boards in alternate pattern; customized rafter tails and trellis sides that would let your climbers beautifully ascend to the structures that are present overhead.

You can also let the bench to remain free of any plants; it would only add beauty to the eyes. This would be a cozy place to sit and an elegant architectural feature in your backyard.

How to Build Your Own Backyard Bench?

To build one, you simply need to clean and dry up the backyard in order to have an accessible locale that can be protected from the elements of nature. Further, make a template size of your bench by scrapping the wood by force. Drill holes in the corners and push the stakes or large nails and into the ground to mark the corners of the bench.

Then move the template and set it aside. Push a post anchor to the first hole you made. Place a striking block on it and use a sledge hammer to drive it into the ground. Repeat the process at each corner. Place the template on the post anchors to make sure that they are leveled equally and squared.

Next you need to build the legs. The front and back legs will be assembled by the two by four and blocking. This way it not only supports the cross pieces but also locks them. Glue and secure the two by four secure blocks onto the longer two by four leg pieces.

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You need to use scraps of two by four and the spaces between the support blocks to create gaps between the cross pieces, seat and the raft assembly would be attached.

Now set the legs in the post anchors so that the sides in the support blocks face each other front to back. Now for the base of your seat, sandwich two by four stringers between front and back frame pieces and screw them together.

Fit the base into eth gaps of the legs, screw through the base into the legs. Secure the cross pieces beneath the base on each side. Make the angle backrest by cutting the wood according to the desired measurement.

Screw the support of the stringers and the legs. Slide the middle support into the base and start laying the boards slabs for the seat and the backrest. Finish the design by screwing and fixing them together. Your brand new outdoor seating spot is ready in your backyard!