17 Best Modern Backyard Ideas to Spice Up Your Home

If you’re one of people who have a backyard at your home, then you need to make sure that you have space you’ll enjoy being in. Without updating your backyard from time to time it is unlikely that you will want to entertain your family and friends outside when they come over.

Rather than being embarrassed by the condition of your backyard, any of these modern backyard ideas are sure to improve your space.

Try out one of these 17 fun ideas to really bring your backyard to life and to make sure that you have the perfect space for hanging out. Many of them can be accomplished in a weekend, helping you create a new space quickly.

1. Terrace Backyard Corner

Terrace Backyard Corner

image: stylizimoblog

Without the right furniture you won’t have a comfortable place to sit and entertain your guests or enjoy a quiet meal. Skip the typical lawn chairs and opt for something with clean and modern lines to ensure that you carry your modern aesthetic throughout the yard like they did at Stylizimo.

2. Green Plants Style

Green Plants Style

image: artistic-law

Container plants are a great way to enjoy some green plants when you don’t have a huge backyard or weather that is conducive to growing a lot of plants. Take a hint from Artistic-Law and keep your plants contained when you don’t have a yard to grow them.

3. Put up a Black Fence

Put up a Black Fence

image: gardenista

There are few things more stylish than a black fence. Not only do they provide you with the privacy that you want, but as the professionals at Gardenista show, they provide an incredible and jaw-dropping backdrop to the rest of your backyard.

4. Stone Paths Ideas

Stone Paths Ideas

image: godfatherstyle

Stones are a great way to install a path that is functional, durable, and modern. Check out the myriad of options at Godfather Style to find one that will work in your backyard and will be as functional as it is attractive.

5. Choose Stone Seating

Choose Stone Seating

image: design-milk

Stone seating looks amazing and is incredibly modern. No matter how many different seats you want in your yard, when you use stones you can make sure that everyone has an interesting place to sit. Check them out on Design Milk and see why they’re so popular.

6. Rope Light Decor

Rope Light Decor

image: christmaslightsetc

Rope lights shouldn’t just come out at Christmas when there are so many great ways to use them in your modern backyard. Try using them to bring out the best in your landscaping, outline your paths, or add light to your deck the way they did at Christmas Lights Etc.

7. Build Your Own Pergola

Build Your Own Pergola

image: thecreatedhome

Pergolas are timeless and will look great in your modern backyard. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have one installed when you are willing doing the work yourself, such as what they did at The Created Home. Whether next to your home or out in the woods, a pergola adds interest to your backyard.

8. Letter Monogram Planter

Letter Monogram Planter

image: remodelaholic

If you want to make sure that your planter is as unique as you are, then you need to check out the tutorial at Remodelaholic to design a monogram planter. This planter will look great on the back of your home or installed on a fence in the backyard.

9. Triangle Sandbox

Triangle Sandbox

image: tarynwhiteaker

Every family with kids knows that they love playing in sandboxes, but if a bright plastic sandbox doesn’t fit with the aesthetic you have in mind for your backyard, then it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Try a modern sandbox that has timeless appeal such as they did at Taryn Whiteaker.

10. Old Pallets Front Porch

Old Pallets Front Porch

image: athomewithkelsey

It seems like pallets are everywhere and for good reason. They have plenty of uses, such as the writers at At Home with Kelsey have showed us. While they used their new pallet planter on the front porch, it is a great way to improve the way that your backyard looks.

11. Chic Backyard Hammock

Chic Backyard Hammock

image: bystephanielynn

No matter what kind of seating you have in your backyard, there’s always room for a hammock. Get on trend like By Stephanie Lynn and you’ll be able to enjoy a lazy afternoon nap or reading while you gently sway in the breeze.

Attaching your hammock to trees creates a natural look that will please every homeowner.

12. Colorful Bullets Fence

Colorful Bullets Fence

image: gardendrama

If you have a privacy fence in your backyard, but don’t think that it adds a lot of beauty to your space, then you may want to update it with some glass marbles.

This is a simple DIY way to add some visual interest to your backyard and enjoy the playful side of your personality, as shown by the writers at Garden Drama.

13. Wooden Walkways for Garden

Wooden Walkways for Garden

image: funkyjunkinteriors

If you want to connect two different areas of your yard, then a great way to do that is by installing a walkway made out of reclaimed wood. By digging out the grass or dirt and making sure that your walkway is sturdy like they did at Funk Junk Interiors, you can rest easy knowing that it won’t shift while in use.

14. Embrace Concrete

Embrace Concrete

image: beachyhomes

Concrete is incredibly modern, and as Beachy Homes shows, it has a number of uses that you may not have considered before. Try using concrete for your next garden bench and you’re sure to be amazed at the way it improves your backyard.

15. Backyard Fire Pit Area

Backyard Fire Pit Area

image: oldworldgardenfarms

A fire pit is the great location for you, your friends, and your family to all get together and enjoy hanging out and eating s’mores. If you don’t have a fire pit, then you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to build one by yourself, as shown by the experts over at Old World Garden Farms.

16. Backyard Brick Patio

Backyard Brick Patio

image: lizmarieblog

Even if you don’t have a large backyard, you can still enjoy spending time outside. Instead of just keeping your patio plain brick, try to brighten up your space with a faux grass rug. At Liz Marie Blog they show how easy this is and how it makes your backyard seem more alive.

17. Galvanized Planter Box

Galvanized Planter Box

image: organizedclutter

You don’t have to use typical planters for your plants when you want to spice up your backyard. Instead of sticking with old pots, try using a wheelbarrow, galvanized tool box, or a bike with a bike basket such as the one shown at Organized Clutter.

These are fun ways to add new interest to your backyard and showcase your plants. Enjoy adding a modern touch to your backyard with one of these 17 fun ideas. We know that you’re sure to love the update.