20 Best Backyard Palm Trees – Ideas For Decorating Around Your Home

If you want to really spice up the way that your backyard looks, then it is time to take a look at the landscaping. If your landscaping looks the same as everyone else in your neighborhood, then you will find it hard for your home to stand out from the rest of the house.

Using backyard palm trees is a great way to update your space, including incredible plants, and ensure that your home stands out.

Any one of these 20 options is a great way to include a palm tree in your backyard and it is sure to look amazing, so try one of them the next time you are tired with the way that your space looks.

1. Flanking Your Steps

Flanking Your Steps

image: carolinalandscape

Make the entrance to your home even more impressive when you use palm trees to flank the steps. These are a great way to ensure that visitors to your home know where to go and are pleasantly surprised. See more from the experts at Carolina Landscape.

2. Keep Them Contained

Keep Them Contained

image: homeemoney

If you want to keep your tree under control, then consider planting them in containers. This gives you the added benefit of being able to move them to a new location in your yard if you want to. See how they did it at Homeemoney.

3. Keep Them Close

Keep Them Close

image: palmgardendepot

Use palm trees close to your home for a look that is unique and different. You’ll love how they appear to be part of your home and add natural colors and textures to the space. Check out Palm Garden Depot to see how to do this.

4. Accent Your Path

Accent Your Path

image: carolinalandscape

A palm tree makes a great accent at the end of a long path, as evidenced by the professionals at Carolina Landscape. Using a palm in this way is a fun way to draw the attention of visitors to a certain location in your garden.

5. Outline Your Yard

Outline Your Yard

image: wbur.org

Using palm trees to outline your yard is a great way to delineate where one space begins and another one ends. See how to do it at WBUR and you can easily section off areas of your backyard without a traditional fence.

6. Shade Your Garden

Shade Your Garden

image: staygardening

Palm are a great way to shade your garden and to protect your other plants. See how to do it in a way that will add beauty to your space when you follow the suggestions from Stay Gardening.

7. Shade Your Benches

Shade Your Benches

image: outdoorgoods

If you get hot sitting in the sun, then make sure that you have some trees on hand that can shade your benches. They not only provide you with shade, but are gorgeous as well, as shown at Outdoor Goods.

8. Get Dramatic

Get Dramatic

image: palmgardendepot

A number of trees, all located near each other, will appear much more dramatic than just one tree by itself. At Palm Garden Depot you can see how easily you can achieve this look in your own backyard.

9. Create an Island

Create an Island

image: teamne

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, then you may love having an island with palm trees. See how doing this at Teamne Interior and you are sure to love the exotic look.

10. Enjoy a Corner Surprise

Enjoy a Corner Surprise

image: carolinalandscape

When tucked into a corner, as the professionals at Carolina Landscape did here, you can easily see how a palm tree can add a nice surprise in a corner of your backyard or your garden.

11. Go Big and Small

Go Big and Small

image: marriedtoplants

Many people forget that there are some stunning smaller palms that you can put in your backyard. At Married to Plants you see how stunning it looks when you mix smaller and bigger plants together in the same space.

12. Light it up

Light it up

image: palmgardendepot

Palm are beautiful, and using accent lighting in your backyard is a great way to draw attention to their beauty and make your yard look even more inviting. See how it’s done by the experts at Palm Garden Depot.

13. Around Your Pool

Around Your Pool

image: homestratosphere

If you want to feel like you are on a tropical vacation every time you get in the pool, then try planting a few trees around the edge of the water. Check out how they did this at Homestratosphere and enjoy a tropical escape.

14. Let Them Spill Over

Let Them Spill Over

image: junglemusic

For a really natural look in your garden that you are sure to love, consider letting your a tree spill over from their area to shade the yard. This creates a very comfortable place for you and your family to spend time. See how the experts at Jungle Music did it.

15. Surround Them with Flowers

Surround Them with Flowers

image: livelifebehappytravel

Grow a mound of flowers around the base of your tree to ensure that this plant becomes the focus of your garden. At Live Life be Happy they created a stunning effect with pink and red flowers in this way.

16. Along the Path

Both Along the Path

image: palmgardendepot

You can add a lot of visual interest to your garden by planting palm trees along the path. This is a sure way to outline your path and ensure that everyone who visits your backyard can easily find it. See what the professionals did at Palm Garden Depot.

17. Break it up

Break it up

image: davesgarden

If you already have a lot of monotony in your backyard, then a palm tree is a great way to break that up and add some visual interest. Look for a tree large enough to stand alone such as the way they did at Dave’s Garden.

18. Create a Jungle

Create a Jungle

image: junglemusic

If you have enough room in your backyard for a very dramatic look and are willing to spend time caring for a number of plants, then you may love growing a jungle. See how you can achieve this great look at Jungle Music and transform your backyard.

19. Let it Be a Focal Point

Let it Be a Focal Point

image: gardeningknowhow

At Gardening Know How you can see how easily you are able to use a single, big palm as a focal point in your garden. This is especially useful if you aren’t sure what other plants you want to include in your space.

20. Mix it up

Mix it up

image: marriedtoplants

If you want to make a huge impact on anyone who sees your backyard, then consider mixing a lot of different palms together in your space. At Married to Plants you can see how easily you can do this and what the end result will be.

Get the most out of your backyard and ensure that your home looks amazing when you use a palm tree to update your space.